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Health psychology

Health psychology support explained


One-to-one support in person, online, or via phone based on your preference.



Sessions are usually 60 minutes in duration (following an initial 90-minute assessment).

An initial, one-off 15-minute phone call is also offered for you to ask more about Health Psychology support and determine whether this support is the right fit for you.


Session frequency and duration

This will be discussed and decided upon together to ensure the frequency and duration of support meets your needs and availability. All sessions will be scheduled at times and dates that suit you.



Health-related behaviours, for example:

  • Smoking

  • Alcohol consumption

  • Eating

  • Physical activity

  • Stress management

  • Medication regimes

  • Living with obesity or concerns about weight gain


Living with long-term health conditions, for example:

  • Coming to terms with a diagnosis

  • Coping with symptoms

  • Better self-management

  • Dealing with fatigue

  • Stress or mood changes due to illness

Any health-related topic will be considered so please get in touch and discuss if you’re not sure if the issue you are struggling with would be covered by this support.


Style of support

Non-judgemental, person-centred, and tailored to the person and their presenting and current needs. Within sessions we will work together to set and prioritise goals, review and reflect on progress, and identify outcomes of the support received. This support integrates multiple evidence-based approaches used within health psychology and behavioural science.

Weight management
Specialist service 01.

Weight Management Service

This Weight Management Service offers specialised support to adults living with obesity or concerned about weight gain, or adults of any weight wanting support with weight-related factors like eating patterns, physical activity levels, sleep, stress management, or addressing relevant social or environmental factors.


Treatment method

Service users receive tailored one-to-one support from a qualified Health Psychologist (HCPC registered) who will conduct a holistic assessment of key concerns and draw from a range of evidence-based approaches to work on making meaningful weight-related changes. This support draws on latest understanding of the biological and environmental drivers of bodyweight, and science around appetite and nutrition. Alongside this, support will also draw on the role of psychological and social factors that can cause the onset and maintenance of weight gain, and account for interactions between individuals’ wider physical and mental health (i.e. influence and impact of comorbidity). 


Who is this service for?

The service is designed to benefit individuals struggling with weight gain, or the physical, psychological or social consequences of overweight or obesity, or those requiring more in-depth or longer-lasting support with making sustained changes to weight-related behaviours.


Examples of patient-led topics covered in this service
  • Better understanding of and ability to manage the complex individual factors driving weight gain or long-standing obesity (e.g. sleep, stress, low mood, social and environmental factors, nutrition, activity).   

  • Support with changing an individual’s relationship with food and the influencing thoughts, feelings and behaviours underlying this (e.g. comfort eating, emotional eating, addictive eating).

  • Support to cope with living with obesity (e.g. managing stigma, relationships with others, improving quality of life). 

  • Fostering sustainable and long-lasting motivation for health-related behaviour change.

  • Skills building to reduce risk of current or future health issues related to body weight (e.g. primary/secondary disease prevention). 

Longterm conditions
Specialist service 02.

Living with Long-Term Conditions

Being diagnosed with a long-term condition (LTC), learning to adjust to it, and manage it as effectively as possible is challenging. This LTC support service involves providing one-to-one talking therapy-based sessions with a qualified Health Psychologist (HCPC registered) in order to address any of the challenges associated with living with illness. Support can be short or longer term and will be tailored to the needs of the patient. All sessions will follow a comprehensive assessment of the patient’s current experiences and challenges relating to their long-term condition(s).


Treatment method

Treatment will be based on a psychological formulation of the challenges an individual is facing. Management plans will be selected from a range of evidence-based approaches that enhance health and wellbeing. These include: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, Compassion Focused Therapy, and behavioural science.


Who is this service for?

This service is suitable for those living with one or more long-term condition (including but not limited to: heart disease, respiratory disease, cancer, immune-mediated conditions, obesity, depression). The service aims to support individuals to improve quality of life, better cope with the psychosocial consequences of living with long-term conditions, enhance medications management, self-management, or symptom management.


Examples of patient-led topics covered in this service
  • Coming to terms with and processing recent diagnosis of a LTC

  • Enhancing self-management to reduce the impact of a LTC and prevent secondary illness

  • Working towards values-based living and fulfilment

  • Coping with uncomfortable thoughts and feelings that relate to living with LTCs

  • Making changes to overcoming barriers to greater wellbeing

  • Coping with pain or fatigue

  • Addressing problematic coping strategies

  • Stress management 


Initial 15 minute call

I offer a free initial 15-minute phone call for you to find out more about my support and whether it’s right for you.


90 minute assessment

Our first session together will be a 90-minute assessment for me to gain a deeper understanding of your goals and struggles.


Ongoing sessions

All subsequent sessions are 60 minutes long and cost £100, however I do offer consessonary rates upon request.

£100 (consessions offered)

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