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Health Psychology Support with Anna

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How Health Psychology Can Benefit You

Everyone’s mental and physical health are intertwined and ebbs and flows throughout different stages in our lives. It is normal to have times when we thrive and times when we really struggle... we all need support at times to navigate life’s twists and turns.

Health psychology support is ideally placed to help when we’re feeling unwell, or are not maintaining our health in the way we really want to. So many factors impact how ‘well’ we feel at any one time, and the influences on our health can include the people around us, the way in which our bodies work or react to stressors, our thought patterns, our behaviours and our emotional experiences.


Health Psychology support brings all of this and more together to empower people to make difficult health-related changes, move away from unhelpful strategies, behaviours or situations that might be holding people back, and move towards more of what they want and need for better health and wellbeing.


Specialist services


This Weight Management Service offers specialised support to adults living with obesity, adults concerned about weight gain, or adults of any weight wanting support with weight-related factors like eating patterns, physical activity levels, sleep, stress management, or addressing relevant social or environmental factors. 


Being diagnosed with a long-term condition (LTC), learning to adjust to it, and manage it as effectively as possible is challenging. This LTC support service involves providing one-to-one talking therapy-based sessions with a qualified Health Psychologist (HCPC registered) in order to address any of the challenges associated with living with illness. 

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About me

Dr Anna Chisholm CPsychol PhD AFBPsS

I’m an HCPC Registered Health Psychologist that has worked in NHS, academic and private practice settings. I offer Health Psychology support that is unique in bringing together the science on how to help people change challenging health behaviours and evidence-based therapeutic approaches such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and other person-centred talking therapies.


Initial 15 minute call

I offer a free initial 15-minute phone call for you to find out more about my support and whether it’s right for you.


90 minute assessment

Our first session together will be a 90-minute assessment for me to gain a deeper understanding of your goals and struggles.


Ongoing sessions

All subsequent sessions are 60 minutes long and cost £100, however I do offer consessonary rates upon request.

£100 (consessions offered)

Client feedback

"I've found Anna's approach incredibly helpful for me. I've spent many months with her and we have made great progress, more than I have with other therapists. She's really good at coming back to things I've mentioned in previous sessions which helps me keep focused on what I'm working on. Would recommend to anyone new to therapy, or someone who's had numerous therapists over the years like myself."
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